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Review By Aislinn

I solicited Chap as a wedding videographer and was so thrilled with him from the start: he responded promptly to emails, went out of his way to meet with me and get my input on what was important to me and even offered to attend the rehearsal. My brothers (slash bridesmaids!) told me that he was very personable and professional before the ceremony and he seemed to be everywhere getting everything on video. The turnaround time for the video that he committed to was extremely fast and the finished product was creative and delightful. The video told a story and captured many of the moments that we were not present for. As a couple that initially did not plan to get a videographer, we are so happy that we hired Chap and have a beautiful video to look back on. (I always thought we would get the video, watch it once and then never look at it again but we were so entertained that we watched it several times the first week!)

Review By Lindsay


I am so happy that we chose Chap to put together our wedding video! I wish I could choose a “ten” star option for the Value category! On the day of the wedding, I barely even noticed Chap and his partner filming, and I was blown away when he got us a first draft in just WEEKS after the wedding. He had filmed so many wonderful aspects of the wedding that we had missed with all of the craziness associated with being the bride and groom! For example, I was so happy to see our friends and family having a fun time at cocktail hour while we were off taking pictures. With having a partner help him film, Chap was able to get multiple angles with each important scene. For example, my husband’s younger brother wrote a song for his toast and played it for us, and Chap used a split screen to show us watching him play. It was great! We couldn’t be happier with our wedding video….we will surely cherish it forever. I highly recommend Chap Films!

Review By Adrienne


In all honesty, I had no intention of having our wedding day filmed, but my mother insisted that it was necessary for our grandparents and others who wouldn’t be able to attend. At this point, our budget had been determined and there wasn’t a lot of wiggle room for additional costs. I vetted local videographers and was finding that those i could afford produced cheesy, cliche and sub par work. Chap Films was recommended by our wedding planner. He sent us a sample of his work and I was sold! His style was refreshingly real and made you feel like you were there. Given our budgetary constraints, Chap was kind enough to work with us on the cost, thankfully! And, now that we have our finished product, I am SO glad that we hired Chap. Our film is beautiful. I relive the day each time I watch it. His filming style is so natural that it’s just like being transported back in time. This was a great investment and a keepsake that I love dearly! I highly recommend using Chap Films for your wedding videographer!

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